Do What You Want While Adding Value to Others

Do What You Want, While Adding Value to Others

The Cerebral Entertainment Podcast is the brainchild of a couple of guys who have a history of wanting to do something creative, something meaningful, but for a long time lacked the proper format.  Our story concerning the origins of the CEP parallels many other podcasters’ accounts that I have heard: We were already having these interesting conversations so why not just put a microphone in front of our faces and record these discussions to share with others.  Naturally, many questions arose such as, “Who the hell would want to listen to these exchanges between me and my podcast loving friend” as well as, “How the hell do you even manage a podcast in the first place?”  These are just a few of the sometimes overwhelming uncertainties that tend to flood my mind when contemplating an endeavor outside of my comfort zone.  But the truth is, I had no idea whether anyone would listen or what we were doing.  In my universe of overthinking and arguing with my inner dialogue, many ideas and projects have gone by the wayside because I could not/would not take those next steps to force concept into reality.  I decided I was not going to allow this idea to slip away and hence, the CEP was born.  Keep in mind that this blog post is actually more of a brief attempt to motivate rather than simply conveying the story behind the CEP, but it will take some explanation to get to the point so hang with me.

Since the conception of the show, in the long long ago, there were a couple of overarching principles that Colt and I always wanted to propagate to anyone with whom we were fortunate enough to have as an audience.  Perhaps the most profound principle that we both desired to perpetuate is the act of adding value to other people.  Adding value to others is a multifaceted approach to life, and like most deeds that are deemed virtuous, it is beneficial to both the giver and the receiver.  Of course we want the CEP to “entertain your brain” but adding value to the person, place, or thing that we are discussing, as well as adding value to the listener, has always been the unwavering philosophy behind everything that we do with the show.  In turn, the show has grown exponentially over the past year and it seems that we have plenty of momentum to carry us into the near future.  Adding value to others is a win-win situation because even if our show did not make any notable progress whatsoever, we have made a lot of excellent friends and exposed ourselves to a plethora of talent and innovation.   Would we have continued with this project had it simply been a selfish endeavor to spread the insanity of our personalities over the interwebs?  Perhaps, but I strongly believe we would not have made it this far without the unselfish philosophy of adding value that drives our perspective into this undertaking to this day.  Another noteworthy aspect of our journey is that we are not unique in this philosophy.  Most, if not all, of the talented individuals that we have had the pleasure of interviewing thus far also hold the concept of adding value to others in high esteem.  There really must be something to this logic.

My message to you is this: find something that you want to do in this life that creates an intrinsic passion for you and leaves your mark on this earth.  Our days here in this life are numbered, but those days are so precious.  So, why not create something that makes you proud and increases the worth or improves the outlook of those within your sphere of influence?  Why did the caveman leave his markings on the inner walls of his cave?  Was he simply replying to an innate drive to create art or to tell a story?  Maybe he thought that future onlookers would see the manifestations of his inspirational designs and it would add value to that individual’s perspective.  Maybe he was simply bored.  I choose to think that the former is true and that when we, as human beings, add value to those around us, we are embarking upon a journey that will propel us further than what we had ever imagined.  Plus, it is a win-win situation.  At the very least, you spend your time making the world a better place.  Happy creating my friends and as always, keep your brains warm out there.      

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