Episode 56 - Laura Coppinger and Kristen Goodman

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James head over to The Monocle and sit with Laura Coppinger and Kristen Goodman to discuss their upcoming event, Wonderland: Three Floors of Immersive Erotic Art Experience.  Laura and Kristen give us a sneak peak into what promises to be a spectacular extravaganza of erotic art and music, all captured in an Alice in Wonderland theme.  This event is happening at 2720 Cherokee St. in St. Louis, MO, and tickets range from $28.45 to $529.92 through Eventbrite.  Learn more about this experience at the 2720 Cherokee Facebook page and be sure to show Laura and Kristen some love for putting on this spectacular exhibit.  

Song played for this episode:

Love and Planets by Mathias and the Pirates  

Episode 55 - Exit 6 Brewery

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James travel to Cottleville, MO and sit with Jeff Britton and Justin Helm of Exit 6 Pub and Brewery, as well as the Brewsroom Podcast.  Jeff and Justin had us cracking up most of the time as we discuss the brewery, Peruvian knitting, craft beer, The Brewsroom, and of course, Chuck Tingle's fantastic novel, There's a Bitcoin in My Butt.  Check out the Brewsroom Podcast where all great podcasts are downloaded, and you can see the podcast live on Twitch so you can interact with the guys while they record the show.  Also, head up to Cottleville, I know, just use GPS like I did, and drink some great craft beers with Jeff and his crew.  Exit 6 is located at 5055 Highway N STE 113 Cottleville, MO.  Be sure to let them know that the CEP sent you for a free promotional high five and a hug from Justin.

Music played on this episode:

Starting Over by Make Room

Special thanks to our sponsor, The Monocle, located at 4510 Manchester Ave. St. Louis, MO.

Episode 54 - Steve Ewing

For this episode Colt and I are very proud to bring you Steve Ewing.  Steve is probably best known for being the front man of the St. Louis band, The Urge. During this episode, we discuss all things Urge including how the band formed and their rise to fame, as well as their current approach to maintaining their status of being one of the best bands that St. Louis has to offer.  If you have any doubts about Steve's work ethic, doubt no more.  On top of his continued work with The Urge, Steve also has a busy calendar that includes solo shows, and he is leaving his impact on the business world with Steve's Hot Dogs.  Steve’s Hot Dogs has 2 locations, thus far, one at 2131 Marconi Ave and one at 3457 Magnolia Ave, both in St. Louis MO.  Check out the website at steveshotdogsstl.com, download The Urge where all great music can be downloaded, and go see Steve in concert just as soon as you get the opportunity.  You shan't be disappointed, I promise.  

Songs played for this episode:

How Does It Feel

Out On the Fringe

Episode 53 - Sky Burnt White

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James head up to Washington, MO to meet up with Gabe Stroup and Mario Spina of Sky Burnt White.  Mario recently announced that their Ink Spot Housewarming Party show on March 17, 2018, will be his last with Sky Burnt White.  Of course this gave us much to talk about, but we also delved into the creative process of Gabe.  Also, we discussed the future of Sky Burnt White including a "yet to be named" EP.  Be sure to follow Sky Burnt White on social media, as well as on the local music scene in and around St. Louis.  You can also follow Gabe and Mario on the inter-webs, and let them know how much you appreciate their work.  

Thank you to our sponsor: The Monocle, 4510 Manchester Ave. St. Louis, MO - themonoclestl.com

Songs played in this episode:


When I'm Done

Episode 52 - Chris Curd

For this episode, Colt and James meet up in beautiful Defiance, MO with the very talented Christopher Curd.  Chris is known for his melodic versatility while pouring out his heart and soul on stage, and he definitely has a knack for writing songs that run the full gamut of human emotion while telling stories of the heart that are easy to connect to.  You may know Chris as the front man for the St. Louis band, The Hush List, but more recently Chris is venturing into solo artist territory.  He has a show coming up on March 30 at Blueberry Hill, in the Duck Room, where he will be joining Pirate Signal for a party to release their EP, Abolition.  Be sure to follow Chris Curd and The Hush List on social media, and download The Hush List album, Left Coast, as well as their single, Gates, where all great music can be downloaded.  

Also, be sure to visit Shane Presley and Jordan Massey's social media pages for information on their respective upcoming shows, and be sure to visit The Monocle at 4510 Manchester Ave. in St. Louis, MO.  You shan't be disappointed, I promise.  

Songs played during this episode:

Chase Me

Days Change 

Episode 51 - Kahsan and Tracy of Kahsan and the Badmash

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James head over to The Monocle for a great opportunity to sit with the very talented Kahsan and Tracy of Kahsan and the Badmash.  Great times were definitely had as we discuss the musical origins of these two artists, their philosophy of life, and creating the utmost positive vibes through music.  Kahsan and Tracy both possess a wisdom that can only be accumulated through life experience and they love to share that wisdom as we wax intellectual on the mics.  Be sure to follow Kahsan and the Badmash on all of your favorite social media sites, download their amazing song Super Man where all great music can be downloaded, and be on the lookout for more great things coming down the pike including a new single called Nude, which will be dropping soon!

Be sure to purchase your tickets from our good friend Jordan Massey (aka RITEHAND ROBOT!) for the Conceptions Arts Show at the link below:


Also, be sure to visit our great friends at The Monocle, located at 4510 Manchester Ave in St. Louis, MO, and check them out at themonoclestl.com.

Song played for this episode:

Super Man

Episode 50 - Steve Briere of The Gasoline Gypsies

For this episode of The CEP, Colt and James had the opportunity to chat with Steve Briere who performs on the vocals, bass, and guitar for the band The Gasoline Gypsies.  Rollicking, genre-transcending rock 'n' roll out of the Detroit, Michigan area, The Gasoline Gypsies are four guys who love the craft.  With three part vocal harmonies, as well as driving guitar and bass riffs, their songs are powerful and intense, yet easy to grasp.  With the release of their album "Killin' Time" on July 1st 2017, The Gasoline Gypsies are eager to show the rock community their chops.  We were fortunate enough to have Steve on the show to give us some of the backstory behind this amazing band and what the future holds for The Gasoline Gypsies!  Be sure to follow The Gasoline Gypsies on all the social media's and download their music where all great music can be found! 

Be sure to buy tickets for the upcoming Conception Arts show which will be held at the Morgan Street Brewery at the link link below.  Support your local artists and our good friend, Jordan Massey!


Also, don't forget about the City Wide Sounds: Rock Paper Podcast Edition show coming up on March 16th at the Old Rock House in St. Louis, MO.  Follow Shane Presley and the Rock Paper Podcast for all the details!  


Song's you will hear in this episode:


Intro: Something's Gotta Give


Outro: Norma Jeane

Episode 49 - Shannon Seeley

For this edition of The CEP, Colt and James chatted with the extremely driven, and strong, Shannon Seeley.  Shannon hales from Michigan and is a Titan Nutrition Athlete, bodybuilder at War Room Nutrition, personal trainer and nutrition coach, 5 times nationally qualified women's physique competitor, and all around motivating individual! We dove deep into the cerebral waters with this one talking about what it takes to be a bodybuilder at that level fighting for a pro card and the mindset one has to have to achieve it. We also dive into some of the adversity that Shannon has overcome in her life to achieve the enormous progress that she’s made thus far, and she definitely isn’t done yet.  You can follow Shannon Seeley on Facebook, and follow her on Instagram as Shanis Fierce.  Have a listen and prepare to be motivated!  

This episode is brought to you by RITEHAND ROBOT!  RITEHAND ROBOT is the moniker for our good friend, Jordan Massey, who has recently received national attention for his artwork.  As a matter of fact, Jordan has an art show coming up on March 24th, from 6pm-10pm at Morgan Street Brewery in St. Louis MO.  This art show is being brought to you by Conception Arts out of New York, New York and Jordan will display some of his genius for all to enjoy.  Tickets are $20 and we will have a link for you to buy them online in the show notes of this episode.  You can follow Jordan Massey on Facebook and Instagram, and follow his artist pages on Facebook, Instagram, and at ritehandrobot.com.  Jordan also does commission work and he has created a new art form of stencil lighting that will change the way the art world wants portraits done.  Check out Jordan on social media, support your local artists, and make plans to attend the Conception Arts show on March 24th at Morgan Street Brewery, located at 721 n 2nd Street in St. Louis MO.  Purchase tickets for the show at  https://www.conceptionarts.com/artist/gryI9cR

We also want to promote our good friend Shane Presley. His podcast, Rock Paper Podcast has teamed up with 4 Hands Brewing Company and Old Rock House in St. Louis, MO to bring you Hillary Fitz Band, Cara Louise Band, and Nick Gusman as part of their City Wide Sounds series. The show is Friday, March 16th and tickets are $7 with $1 from each ticket going to City Wide Charities! The link below can be followed to RSVP! 



And last but not least, make sure you stick around until the end of the show! We are featuring St Louis local band Divide The Empire!


Song you will hear in this episode:


Carnival Ride

Episode 48 - Rob T

For this episode of The CEP, Colt and James traveled to St. Louis to meet up with Rob T, a hilarious up and coming stand up comedian. Rob has been in the St. Louis scene for awhile now and is definitely making his presence known. As of now Rob calls Helium Comedy Club in the St. Louis Galleria Mall his home so follow him on all the social media's to find out when you can catch him. You will not be disappointed!


The track featured in this episode is from the one and only Ace Ha!  


Intro: The Old Green Dawn - Ace Ha

Episode 47 - Laura Coppinger

For this edition of The CEP, Colt and James sit with Laura Coppinger at The Monocle in St. Louis to talk about her position at The Monocle, what she has done since she took over as General Manager, and future plans.  We always have nothing but great things to say about The Monocle and Laura really shines a light on why we are proud to call The Monocle our sponsor. Located inside The Grove, The Monocle will draw you in with the front patio and fire pit where you can hang out and relax while drinking a hand crafted cocktail.  Once you are sucked in, you will have the chance to hang out in The Emerald Room located in the back of The Monocle where they feature cabaret shows, comedy, and national headliners. You will not be disappointed by a visit to our favorite spot in The Grove!  No matter if you are a performing artist or a visual artist in the St. Louis area, Laura Coppinger is calling for you to help make The Monocle a staple in St. Louis.  Check out this episode for further details! Oh and one last thing..... Next time you visit The Monocle, mention that Colt and James at The Cerebral Entertainment Podcast sent you and you will get 10% knocked off your bill!!  Yes you read that right!  Just another perk of listening to The CEP!


Songs featured in this episode are from Canadian Hip Hop Artist JRMY and produced by our good friend, Ace Ha!! Check him out on YouTube at JRMY or Methix and be watching for new music to drop!


Intro: Let Em Know


Outro: Take It Slow

Episode 46 - Inimical Drive

For this episode of The CEP, Colt and James travel to Illinois to sit down with the long time St. Louis local scene band, Inimical Drive! Together since 2002, Inimical Drive has developed their unique and undeniably powerful sound with vocals from Joel Colby, guitar by Nick Blackburn and Josh Mahn, drums by Marc Nicol, and bass guitar by Dan Winter. Following a crowd funding campaign that exceeded expectations, Inimical Drive has recently released two music video's for "Nothing Less" and "From The Ground". Both songs are featured in this episode and we had a great time with these guys. If you haven't yet, get your tickets for 105.7 The Point's Birth Month Show at Pop's Concert Venue in Sauget, Illinois on Saturday, February 3rd.... This show is only $5 and is one of the best local show lineups that St. Louis has seen in a long time! You will see the like's of Scrub and Ace Ha, City of Parks, Common Jones, Inimical Drive, Discrepancies, and believe it or not....BROOKROYAL!! Support local music and find all the music you can from all of these great bands!

Episode 45 - Gavin M

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James head up to Gaslight StL and sit with Gavin M.  Gavin is a very talented singer songwriter who pours his heart out through his music.  Gavin has a new EP coming soon called "Where Do You Call Home?" and for the occasion he is playing an EP release show at The Monocle in St. Louis, MO on February 16th, 2018.  We begin the episode with a live recording of Gavin performing the title track from his new EP.  Then, during the episode, we talk extensively about Gavin M and his music, as well as his influences and experiences that drive him to be such a creative force.  In true CEP fashion, the conversation also veers into what Gavin likes to drink and the science fiction that he enjoys, which gives you a glimpse of the personality behind the artist.  Be sure to follow Gavin M on the relevant social media sites and download his music where all great music can be found.   

Song you will hear in this episode:

Where Do You Call Home? 

Episode 44 - Inner Outlines

For this episode of The CEP, Colt and James sat down at The Monocle with Matt Hall, front man for the band Inner Outlines. The band describes themselves as "A collection of souls brought together as Inner Outlines to bring music to the world, people closer together, and to be a beacon of change for the better." We had a great time chatting with Matt about the origins of the band, the members, and what the future holds for Inner Outlines. This is a band on the local St. Louis scene that you definitely don't want to miss out on! Go to inneroutlines.com now and purchase their EP "Its not safe here." You wont regret it! 


Inner Outlines songs played in the podcast include:


It's Not Safe Here



Episode 43 - Strength and Scotch

We are back for another edition of The CEP! For this episode Colt and James finally got the chance to chat via Skype with Brandon Heavey and Grant Fowlie of The Strength and Scotch Podcast. These guys were a blast to speak with and are very unique in their podcast dynamic. Their podcast is the show where health, fitness, and alcoholism come together in a very interesting way and if you need to know anything and everything about scotch.... look no further than Grant Fowlie! We talked a little bit about fitness and nutrition and "Evidence Based Athlete" which Brandon is the coach and owner of and then we headed straight into Scotchville! We had a lot of fun with this one and I think that you guyS will too. Check out The Strength and Scotch Podcast wherever you get your podcasts and if you have any questions for these guys, definitely hit them up on social media. Their episodes drop every Tuesday so don't miss out! Hit that subscribe button!



Brandon Heavey and Grant Fowlie on Facebook

Strength and Scotch on Facebook

Heaveyduty on instagram

grantmethepower on instagram

strength_and_scotch on Instagram

Episode 42 - Darian Wigfall of Far Fetched

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James sit and chat with Darian Wigfall of Farfetched to promote the Prologue VII Album Release Party. Darian is a former scientist turned Director of Operations of Farfetched(that story is in the show). Farfetched is a music collective that has been putting out a prologue for the past 6 years and these artists just keep getting better and putting out better music! Prologue VII officially dropped on January 7th and the tracks are stellar. With artists such as CaveofswordS, Golden Curls, Mathias, and Scrub (just to name a few) how can you go wrong? Subscribe now at wearefarfetched.net to receive all the new music Farfetched releases, including Prologue VII and 13 back catalog items, delivered instantly to you via the Bandcamp app for iOS and Android. Also, if you are in earshot of this podcast... You need to be at the Prologue Album Release Party at the Firebird at 2706 Olive St. in St. Louis, MO. 63103. This party will be mind blowing! Do what you can to keep supporting our local artists in St. Louis and local artists wherever you are! Its important! Here's to 2018 Cerebral peeps!

Episode 41 - 1 Year of Podcasts

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James discuss the ups and downs of 2017, including a recap of the interviews that brought us to a whole new level of podcasting.  We would like to give a big thank you to all those who made 2017 a year of growth for us including:

Steve Hendrixson-Ep. 10, Jeff Huck-Ep. 13, Jordan Massey (RITEHANDROBOT!)-Ep. 14, Greg Camp-Ep. 16, Scott McNally-Ep. 17, Fivefold-Ep. 19, Shane Presley-Ep. 20, Scrub-Ep.21, Brandon Scheriffius-Ep. 24, J.B. Anderson-Ep. 25, Scott Kurtz and Heidy Murphy-Ep. 26, Stephen Ogdon-Ep. 27, Altayzie-Ep. 28, Chris Swan-Ep. 29, Everyone at the Ink Spot Block Party-Ep. 30, James King-Ep. 31, Ace Ha-Ep. 32, Rising Over Envy-Ep. 33, Matt Weik-Ep. 34, Alex Holycross-Ep. 35, Vijay Puri-Ep. 36, Nathan Orton-Ep. 37, Jeremy Stanton-Ep. 38, and J.B. Anderson and Bryant Wolfin-Ep. 39.

And last but not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our listeners and supporters, friends and family, and our fantastic sponsor, The Monocle!

Here's to another stellar year in the Podcast Universe!  Be sure to keep your brains warm out there!


Episode 40 - Common Jones

And, we, are, back, with another episode of The CEP for your podcast listening pleasure! Colt and James were stoked to sit down with Brian Blood and Mike Bach of the St. Louis based band Common Jones. Common Jones takes the traditional Rock and Blues style of music, mashes them into a Hip Hop/Reggae bowl, and then smokes the FUNK out of it!!  This is a band that you do not want to miss out on and if you get the chance to see them live, jump on it!  Go to commonjones.com and stay up-to-date on upcoming shows, buy some CJ gear, and purchase the awesome music that these guys are jammin out.  Follow Common Jones on all the social media sites and be sure to show the love.  So once again, sit back, relax, and get ready for a ride into the world of Common Jones!

Common Jones songs played in this podcast include:

Reggae Joint

Crucial Times

Bicycle Ben


Episode 39 - JB Anderson/Bryant Wolfin

For this episode of The CEP Colt and James are joined by returning guest JB Anderson of Gaslight STL and good friend Bryant Wolfin to get a little political on ya! JB was nice enough to invite us to use the recording studio at Gaslight for the 2nd time to talk about several topics that have been all over the news lately.... And by 2nd time, we mean we tried this once before and through technical difficulties we lost the recording. So not only were we lucky enough to do this once, we were lucky enough to be invited back! We had several topics on the agenda however, our very first topic ended up being our only topic because we got so in depth. We all know tax reform has been a hot button issue and we think its time to voice our opinions and let you know the way we see things on both sides of the issue. So buckle up and get ready for the ride!


Special shout out to Gavin McNutt who joined us for the episode that was lost but was unable to join us for this one. You will definitely hear from all these guys again in the future. 

Episode 38 - Jeremy Stanton

For this episode of The CEP we bring you PODCAST GOLD!!! Colt and James made their way up to Illinois to the new headquarters of Barrel Beard and Tattoo to chat with the very humble and hard working Jeremy Stanton. Jeremy is a United States Air Force Veteran, husband of 22+ years, and father of 2 who originally made a product for himself, friends, and family to help take care of their beard and tattoo needs. It didn't take long before he realized that this wasn't just a small passion and he wanted to put everything he had into it. Jeremy has built Barrel Beard and Tattoo from the  ground up and it has exploded! The very unique idea of taking a beard oil and aging it just like a whiskey has put him on the map and there is no slowing down. Check out barrelbeardandtattoo.com right now! The beard and tattoo oil is top notch no matter what scent you like.... But the favorite here at The CEP is "Darkness" which is a collaboration with StilL 630 Distillery in St. Louis, MO. Listen, learn, be motivated!

Episode 37 - Nathan Orton

For this edition of the CEP, Colt and James get the awesome opportunity 

to sit down with the hilarious St. Louis stand up comedian Nathan Orton. 

Nathan won both St. Louis' Funniest at Helium Comedy Club and St. Louis 

Funny Bone's Best of St. Louis competition in 2014 and hasn't slowed down.

He continues to put in the work and we definitely recommend you go to a 

show and check him out! Not only is Nathan well known in the St. Louis 

comedy scene but he has opened up for some big names you may know including

Mick Foley, Dave Attell, and Jason Mewes just to name a few. We dive deep

into the mind of Nathan Orton and talk about everything from his mixed 

martial arts career to the beginnings of his comedy career, and even talk 

a little music too. Follow him on all social media and spread the word 

because Nathan is not someone you want to miss out on! Get out and support

local comedy!!