Episode 137 - From 0 to $100M: How to Scale Your Startup Like a Pro featuring Prady Tewarie Part 5

Welcome to this, the final installment of our series, “From 0 to $100 Million: How to Scale Your Startup like a Pro featuring Prady Tewarie.”  We close this series down by tackling the eternally interesting and ultimately critical topic of marketing and branding.  This topic is so intriguing because it has the ability to catapult a company into astronomical levels and it even transcends business to include how we brand ourselves in today’s digital age of information.  Prady dives into the crucial components of marketing including the story that you tell and how that shapes the world’s perception of your company, controlling the brand message or tone and the implications that this message carries regarding your ethics and values, and much more.  We’d like to express how much we admire Prady for his accomplishment and his unwavering work ethic, and how appreciative we are for him taking the time out of his insanely busy schedule to come and add value to us and you,  our listeners.  So, one more time we bring you our friend, the powerhouse, Prady Tewarie.

James WadeComment