Episode 136 - From 0 to $100M: How to Scale Your Startup Like a Pro featuring Prady Tewarie Part 4

For this edition of the CEP we bring you part 4 of our series titled “From 0 to $100 Million: How to Scale Your Startup like a Pro featuring Prady Tewarie.”  During this episode Prady explores the concept of adding on co-founders and business partners to your company and how this strategy can effect the value of your enterprise.  Prady discusses the whys and hows of adding on partners including the types of relationships that should and should not be inherent within those partnerships, taking on business partners and co-founders at the beginning of a business venture versus later after a company is already established, and much more.  Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your brains for massive expansion, brought to you by the enlightened millennial himself, Prady Tewarie.

James WadeComment