Playlist 23

We've got a great lineup coming straight to your ear holes but as always I am compelled to remind y’all of the reason why we have assembled here today on the CEP.  And that reason is for you to find independent artists out there who are releasing crazy good music.  After that, your objective is to research the artists putting out the music that you like, track them down on the socials and then do the following.  Like and follow them on the social platforms and share their music to your own page so that now you are the cool guy or gal finding the killer music and hooking up all your friends and fam.   Also, be sure to visit the artists' websites, buy some merch, and head over to the streaming sites so that you can stream or download their music.  Support independent, people!

Tracks featured on this episode

Crazy Red Shades by Whiskey Raccoons

Pass-A-Fire by Current Year

Believe by For the City

Still Waiting by Inner Outlines

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