Playlist 22

We want to remind you that our mission is to become an internationally recognized hub where creative forces from across the planet can showcase their most excellent talents for the world to hear.  That of course, is our job.  It is your job to investigate the artists that you find here.  Track them on the socials and let them know that you heard them on the CEP.  Go to their respective websites and learn more about them, buy some merchandise, perhaps a hard copy of their albums.  Then take to the streaming sites and stream, or download if that is an option, their music to your heart’s content.  And of course, find out when you can see them at a live show because that is really where the magic happens.  Support independent music, people!

Tracks featured on this episode:

Headrest by The Window Dogs

Bite the Bullet by The Howl Twins

Love is Gone by The Lowlies

Wait by Avnue

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