Playlist 17

You know how much we love you, right?  Why else would we bring you all of this variety week after week after week?  Remember though that bringing you this variety does come with a catch.  And the catch is you must, I repeat, must go and find the artists that we play on the playlist, track down their music on the digital platforms and download.  If you go to a streaming site then stream like you’ve never streamed before, my friends.  Also be sure to visits the artists’ websites, you know they ll have one, and purchase some merchandise from these hardworking peeps.  And of course you know to go to the socials and show the artists some love and if you ever get the opportunity to see the artists perform live, get out there and support independent music to the fullest.

Tracks featured on this episode:

Salvation by Made in Waves

Nowhere to Run by Monster Eats Manhattan

Dirty Red by Sixes High

Breathe Out by Static Fly

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