Playlist 19

Man, have we got some variety for you all coming up on this episode of the CE Playlist.  And you know we love bringing you the variety that we discover whilst scouring the earth for new awesomeness, but as always we want to urge you to fully investigate the artists that you hear on the playlist and show them your support.  This includes downloading and/or streaming the artists music on the digital platforms, visiting the artists websites, purchasing some of their merchandise, buying hard copies of their albums, and if you ever have the chance to see the artists live be sure to get out there and capitalize on the opportunity.  Of course, you should, nay, you must, go to the socials and let the artists know that you heard them on the CEP and you dig what they’re putting out.  Get out there and support independent music, people!

Tracks featured on this episode:

INIT by Skittles

Bluebird by Emily Cavanagh

Faron by Young Animals

Road Trippin’ by The Lows

Suicide by SmileyBoy

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