Playlist 18

Remember that our mission is to become an internationally recognized hub where creative forces from across the planet can showcase their talents for the world to hear.  Now, your mission, as a CEP listener, is to fully investigate the artists that you find here on the playlist.  That means going to the streaming/download sites and stream, or preferably download their music so that you can add the sweetness to your digital libraries.  Also, go to each artist’s website and pick up some merch, perhaps a physical copy of their music, and learn more about the people behind the talent.  And of course, be sure to blow up these artists’ socials with all of your love and support.  That includes likes, follows, and sharing the artistry to your own pages for others to enjoy as well. Keep your brains warm, my friends!

Tracks featured on this episode:

Blue Light by Golden Curls

Everything is Red by Dramaglider

Neon Ocean by New Dialogue

Fare Thee Well by Todd Sarvies

James WadeComment