Playlist 15 - Brian Blood of Common Jones

For this edition I get the chance to catch up with bass player extraordinaire Brian Blood, who plays for the St. Louis area band, Common Jones.  If you don’t know Common Jones then you need to get into the know by downloading their music from all the major streaming sites.  You should also check out to learn more about this fantastic group of guys and of course, buy some of their merch.  And you know the routine. If you ever have the opportunity to see Common Jones live then do not miss out.  You shan’t be disappointed, I promise.  As a matter of fact, you can see Common Jones perform live at Pop’s Concert Venue in Sauget, Illinois on February 23rd, 2019.  This is The Midwest Livin Show featuring Common Jones with The O’Brien Effect, Echos From Ashes, Luxora, and ATG.

Common Jones tracks featured on this episode:

Pogo Jones

Take Me Away


Bonus track: Bent

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