Playlist 13

 Since this is a fresh new year let me remind you that our mission is to be become an internationally recognized hub where creative forces from across the planet can show their talents for the world to hear.  That is our job.  Now your job is to fully investigate the artists that you find here on the CE Playlist by tracking them on the socials.  When you do locate said artists, show them love by giving their pages a like and a follow and share their music to your own page so that your peeps can also enjoy this killer new music that you have found. Also, be sure to visit the artists’ websites to buy some merch, hard copies of their music if available and watch their calendars to see if they have a show coming up near you.  If they do, should you miss out on the opportunity to see them?  It’s a silly question because the answer is no.  Last but not least, be sure to hit the download/streaming sites and add the artists’ music to your digital library and that, my friends, is what I call supporting independent music.

Tracks featured on this episode:

Let’s Start a Cult by WIL FM

Bitch Eat Baloney All Day by Nerd Table

I Shot an Arrow/Street Without Joy by The Native Howl

Bound for the Sun by John June Year

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