Episode 93 - Kyle Dent and Joel Colby

For this episode we bring you Kyle Dent of Shamrock’s Pub and Grill, and front man for St. Louis area metal band Inimical Drive, Joel Colby.  We met up at Shamrock’s to discuss Kyle’s business philosophy and all things pub and grill, and we also spent a lot of time discussing the upcoming Ink Spot Block Party.  The 9th Annual Ink Spot Block Party is coming to the Winfield Fairgrounds in Winfield, MO and is going to offer a lineup that is sure to knock your socks right off your feet.  Big Dave Canoy is the mastermind behind this event and he has a ton of great, like-minded folks to help him pull it off, yet again.  Tickets are free and you can pick them up by contacting any of the bands, visiting the Ink Spot Tattoo Shop in Troy and or St. Peters, visiting Shamrock’s Pub and Grill, and we even have some ourselves here at the CEP.  Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the 9th Annual Ink Spot Block Party.

Track featured on this episode:

Nothing Less by Inimical Drive

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