Episode 92 - Jarid Saffell of Heavy Riff Brewing Company

For this episode we bring you Jarid Saffell, Founder and Head Brewer at Heavy Riff Brewing Company in St. Louis, MO.  Jarid has an extensive history of brewing fine craft beers, both as a home brewer and a professional brewer, and his love affair with craft brews comes out when you listen to him talk and/or drink some of his products.  Believe me, he brought some samples for us to try during the podcast and I was beyond impressed.  His brewery, Heavy Riff Brewing Company, is a musically themed craft brewery located at 6413 Clayton Avenue in St. Louis, MO.  Be sure to show Jarid Saffell and Heavy Riff some love on the social medias, and for the love of all things sacred, go visit Heavy Riff and enjoy some top of the line craft beer.

Track featured on this episode:

We Don't Stand a Chance by Money for Guns

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