Episode 95 - Carl Lanore

For this episode, we bring you Carl Lanore.  Carl is the host of Super Human Radio, a podcast designed to help you live stronger and live longer.  Carl gives us some of his history during this episode that is motivational to say the least, as he turned his life and his health around and now his mission is to pass all of the transformational information on to you.  Carl has so much readily available information in his brain that it will make your head spin, and he has some of the greatest minds as guests on his own podcast that anyone interested in living a healthier life will benefit from.  You definitely need to go check it out.  You can find Super Human Radio where all great podcasts can be downloaded, and be sure to follow Carl Lanore and Super Human Radio on the socials.  You shan’t be disappointed, I promise.

Track featured on this episode:

CycleStatic by Connibal Road

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