Episode 87 - Scott Kurtz 3

For this episode we bring you the award winning home brewer, Mr. Scott Kurtz.  When I say Kurtz has won some awards for his home brews, I mean he has won a shit ton of awards.  Kurtz came down and brewed an Imperial Stout, with me and Colt on the sidelines cheering him on, as he schooled us on the “craft” (get it?) of home brewing.  And as usual, he brought some of his tasty Kurtzhaus beers for us to experience.  Be sure to follow Scott Kurtz on the socials and drop him a line, letting him know that the world is waiting for Kurtzhaus Brewing to come out of the home brewing sector and become a public reality for us all to enjoy.   

Tracks Featured on this episode:

Mercy by The Native Howl

Somethin' Else by The Native Howl

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