Episode 90 - Scott McNally & Dr. Stephen Ogden

For this episode we bring you 2 returning guests, Scott McNally and Dr. Stephen Ogden.  Both of these guys are experts in fitness and nutrition, bodybuilding, and podcasting.  You can, and should, check them out on Advices Radio where all great podcasts can be downloaded, and be sure to follow Scott McNally and Stephen Ogden on the socials.  These 2 gentlemen contain a wealth of information in the fitness and nutrition arena and they are also just genuinely good people and that my friends, equals a great podcast discussion.  Colt and I are always appreciative of the times we get to spend with the excellent members of the Advices Radio network and we know that you will enjoy listening to this discussion just as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Track featured on this episode:

Lies in Fiction by Silent Hollow

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