Episode 89 - STL Comedy Round Table

For this episode we bring you a round-table discussion with some of the finest comedic talent St. Louis has to offer.  During this show we meet up with Bobby Jaycox, Nathan Orton, Rafe Williams, and Tina Dybal as we discuss comedy, the changing landscape of the comedy scene, and many many more riveting topics.  Be sure to follow all of these great comics on the socials and for the love of all things sacred, go see them live and support comedy.  You shan’t be disappointed, I promise.  One event that we definitely want to highlight is A Night for Emma featuring Nathan Orton, Tim Convy, Max Price, and Duke Taylor.  This event is to support young Emma in her fight against lymphoma and it is happening at the Funny Bone in St. Louis on August 20th 2018 at 7:30 pm.  Go support Emma and enjoy our very funny local comedians.  It’s a win/win, people!

Track featured on this episode:

Great Divide by The Mighty Pines

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