Episode 81 - Brookroyal

For this episode we bring you the St. Louis based band, Brookroyal. Brookroyal reemerged on the scene just not too many months ago with a bill featuring some of the best local bands and artists that you possibly ask for in a show.  Colt and I were both blown away by the energy that Brookroyal brought to the show and that buzz is still resonating in the STL scene to this day.  These guys have taken on a leadership role for the bands in the area and we were really excited to have them on to talk about the genesis of Brookroyal, what the band is looking forward to now, and of course the chicken wings at Frailey’s Southtown Grill and the amazing cookies that Al’s wife sent for our dessert.  Be sure to follow Brookroyal on the socials, purchase their music where all great music can be downloaded, and if you are ever lucky enough to go see them live, be sure to buy the ticket and take the ride.

Track featured on this episode:

Closer by Brookroyal

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