Episode 85 - Dr. Scott Stevenson

For this episode we bring you Dr. Scott Stevenson.  Dr. Stevenson holds his PhD in exercise physiology, he’s a former adjunct professor at the University of Tampa, a former columnist at ELITEFTS, he’s a licensed acupuncturist, he’s a competitive bodybuilder with over 30 years of experience in the gym and 2 decades worth of experience personal training and coaching online, and he manages Integrative Bodybuilding.  You can find Dr. Scott on numerous podcasts out there in the podcast universe, including his show called Muscle Minds with our friend Scott McNally on the Advices Radio Network. Dr. Scott is an incredible wealth of information that is applicable to the seasoned bodybuilder, the novice in fitness and nutrition, and everyone in between.  Be sure to follow Scott Stevenson on the socials, check out his vids on YouTube, and go to his website at drscottstevenson.com.  We had a terrific conversation with Dr. Scott and we are confident that you will enjoy this episode just as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Track featured on this episode:

Make Believe by Conquer As They Come

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