Episode 78 - Mark Bland

For this episode we bring you Mark Bland.  Mark is a passionately opinionated broadcaster/podcaster personality and he hosts a show called The Q.  Go to theqnow.com to find out where you can subscribe to his show, and follow, The Q hosted by Mark Bland, on Facebook.  You can also follow Mark Bland on the social medias and keep up with all the relevant topics of the day from his perspective.  During this episode we got a glimpse into the kind of discussions that are had on The Q, and some of the topics you might find a little controversial.  As always, the opinions of our guests are not the opinions of the Cerebral Entertainment Podcast.  But, we had a great time with Mark and we think you will have an equally great time listening to this episode.

Track featured on this episode:

Sunny Side Up by Pure October

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