Episode 67 - Matt F. Basler

For this episode, Colt and James present to you, Matt F. Basler.  He's a screen printer, he's a musician, he's a podcaster, and he played the song Smooth, live, 12 times in a row.  Matt enjoys collecting stickers but has commitment issues which causes him not to place the stickers on any worthy surface and hence, completely negating the purpose of said stickers (I share this lack of sticker commitment).  During this episode, we talk about all of these topics, as well as why the hell EP and LP albums are a thing, and how technology has changed the way artists approach their respective, prospective audiences.  Be sure to follow Matt Basler on social media, but only if you want to be highly entertained by video clips that are nothing short of AWESOME!  Also, subscribe to the Matt F. Basler podcast where all great podcasts can be downloaded.  

Track played for this episode:

Flatline by Todd Sarvies

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