Episode 66 - Scott Kurtz of Kurtzhaus Brewing

For this episode we bring you the one and only, Scott Kurtz of Kurtzhaus Brewing.  Scott is an award winning home brewer.  He’s a BJCP Certified Beer Judge, a tech writer, an amateur beer journalist, he blogs for Saint Brewis, and he is an all-around great guy.  During this episode we discuss a lot of what Scott has been up to with his award winning brews, as well as how important bees are to the Mead industry.  Scott is an absolute scientist when it comes to brewing beer and mead, and we need you, the CEP listener, to encourage Scott to take his craft to the next level.  Get in touch with Scott on social media and let him know that the world needs to experience his craft on a larger scale.  Colt and I were blessed with the opportunity to sample some of Scott’s magnificent Kurtzhaus brews during the recording of this episode and I promise, if given the chance to sample for yourselves, you shan’t be disappointed.  Follow Scott on social media and let him know that the CEP sent you his way.

Track featured on this episode:

H.O.P.E. by Chris Swan of Soul Motivation Records 

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