Episode 73 - Kvar Black and Friends

For this episode, we bring you Kvar Black, Timothy Leavy, Chris Cyr, and Johnny Azari.  This group of talent converged at Kvar’s house for his EP release party, providing comedy and music to support the release of “Here Ya Go, Buffalo”.  Follow Kvar on social media, get in touch with him to find out how you can obtain his very unique brand of music, and of course, if you ever have a chance to go see him live; buy the ticket and take the ride.  If you enjoy music like we do, then get out and support local and indie music however you can.  See a show, buy a shirt, download an album, and spread the word.

Now, there is a disclaimer for this edition of the CEP: the conversation gets quite explicit which by my definition, usually means quite funny.  Just be aware that if you are easily offended, this episode is probably going to offend you.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED (in my deep and scary voice). 

Track featured on this episode:

Buffalo by Kvar Black

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