Episode 69 - Brian King of Titan Nutrition

For this episode we bring you Brian King of Titan Nutrition.  Titan Nutrition is a supplement company based in Springfield, MO.  Their mission is to produce the most innovative and quality supplements so their customers can get the results they work hard for.  During this episode you’ll hear Brian discuss the beginnings of Titan Nutrition, including the whys and the hows things got off the ground.  You’ll also hear us discuss some of the Titan Nutrition athletes that use and promote the company, including our friend Shannon Seeley.  And of course, Brian takes us on a little tour of the available products offered by Titan and discusses just some of the many benefits that these supplements have in store for the partaker.  Be sure to follow Titan Nutrition on social media and check out their website at titannutrition.net for all your supplement needs. 

Track featured on this episode:

Victim (In My Hand) by Echos From Ashes

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