Episode 68 - Chris Cyr

For this episode we bring you the very funny Chris Cyr.  Chris is a stand-up comic.  He’s a radio host.  He’s a podcaster.  He’s a business analyst, but most importantly, he’s hilarious and had us rolling both during the recording and again during the editing of this podcast.  During this episode you’re going to hear us discuss crypto currencies, The Silk Road, amphetamines and Starbuck’s coffee, Millennials and why past generations were just as fucked up (if not more) than what they are now, as well as Tide Pods and condom snorting.  Be sure to follow Chris on the social medias and download his podcast, Impolite Company, where all great podcasts can be downloaded.  And once again, see Chris live at The Send Up on Shaw event on June 2nd. 

Track played for this episode:

Bliss by Tree One Four

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