Episode 65 - Tom Halaska

For this episode Colt and James headed to our beloved Emerald Room to meet up with our good friend, Tom Halaska.  You may see Tom serving and mixing drinks at The Monocle, or you may see him practicing yoga amongst a heard of baby goats.  During our discussion we talk about The Monocle and Baby Goat Yoga, as well as Tom’s mission to bring non-alcoholic craft beer into every corner of the St. Louis area, and beyond.  During the episode, Colt and James were afforded the opportunity to sample some WellBeing Brew, specifically the Hellraiser Dark Amber, and I gotta tell ya, it was pretty freaking good.  Tom has a magnificent story to tell about why WellBeing is a great idea for any consumer of craft beer, on any given night of drinking.  It was great to have the extremely hard working and very humorous Tom Halaska on this episode of the CEP.  Be sure to follow him and Wellbeing on social media and show Tom some of that CEP love when you see him out around the St. Louis area.

Track featured on this episode:

No Good by Ashland

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