Episode 63 - Alexis Tucci

For this episode, Colt and James bring you the lovely Alexis Tucci.  Alexis is an extremely talented and active component on the St. Louis scene.  She has a love for the city, a love for the music, and a love for people that is undeniable when you meet her.  Alexis is an event producer, designer, and DJ with Tucci Events.  Unless your head is indeed buried in the sand, you will see the name Alexis Tucci, or DJ Alexis Tucci, all around the city of St. Louis, where all great parties are thrown.  Some of the primary events to keep your eyes peeled for are Alexis’ Nightchaser events, which is described as an underground disco.  Be sure to follow Nightcaser on social media to stay up to date on all the cool events coming up, and when you see Alexis around town, be sure to show her some love as well. 

Track played in this episode:

Dance With You by Break Night feat. Ben Reece on the saxophone 

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