Episode 58 - Gaslight Political Discussion: Gun Control/Eric Greitens

For this episode, Colt and James head over to Gaslight Studios for another one of our Gaslight Political discussions with our good friends Bryant Wolfin and JB Anderson.  JB is the proprietor of Gaslight Lounge and Studios which, if you haven’t been to Gaslight yet, then I have to question the life decisions that you are making.  Gaslight is located at 4916 Shaw Ave in St. Louis MO and it offers a very unique experience of food, drink, and definitely musical entertainment.  One side of the building features Cha Cha Chow which serves some of the finest menu items that you'd ever choose to eat whilst drinking a fine beverage.  And speaking of fine beverages, the Gaslight Lounge offers a great variety of St. Louis Craft beers, as well spirits that are sure to assist you in making a great day or night out on the town in our beloved St. Louis.  But we’re not done yet.  Gaslight also houses a beautiful recording studio and, if you time things just right, you can view a live recording of a Gaslight Session by a talented artist through the window as you sit and enjoy your meal and or drinks.  Also, you can check out previous Gaslight Sessions on Youtube and bear witness to the awesome work done by our good friends at Gaslight and Media Outlaws.  Be sure to visit Gaslight and give them a like and follow on social media and for the love Pete, whether you live in St. Louis or are just visiting, go to Gaslight and take in the experience for yourself.  You shan’t be disappointed, I promise.

In the meantime, check out this discussion we had regarding the very pressing issue on gun legislation, and what it means to have a Cerebral argument on such a hot-button topic.  We also give some time to discuss the current events in the Missouri Governor’s office associated with Mr. Eric Grietens and how his affair weighs in on our, Things we should actually care about list.

But, before we get into the episode, we want to feature a song from St. Louis artists, The Maness Brothers, and their song, Davey’s Blues, which is available on their EP titled, The Maness Brothers.  Be sure to check out themanessbrothers.com to purchase merch and see when they will be performing in a city near you, because they are all over the place, give them a like and follow on social media, and download their music where all great music can be downloaded.

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