Episode 57 - Jon Beeby

For this episode, Colt and James were stoked to sit with Jon Beeby.  Jon is s globe trotting, business owning, country walking across, British guy who seems to have a keen business sense, a huge love for life, and he has made one his homes here in St. Louis.  Jon is the proprietor of BY Jack, which began as simply an apparel company, but now creates customized products such koozies, metal photo prints, laser etched glass, laser burned wood art, as well as customized apparel.  By Jack also features a video series called Unplugged By Jack, which you can view on Facebook and Youtube.  Unplugged by Jack offers a raw approach that allows talented artists to perform acoustically, in a very hip black and white format.  Be sure to follow Jon Beeby on Facebook and Instagram, as well as By Jack on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.  And if you need any customized apparel or other gear, be sure to contact By Jack and give them a chance to offer you some high quality merchandise and personalized customer service.  We had a great time chatting it up with Jon and I'm sure you're going to enjoy listening to this episode, just as much as we did recording it.

Song featured in this episode:

Panic by For the City

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