Episode 53 - Sky Burnt White

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James head up to Washington, MO to meet up with Gabe Stroup and Mario Spina of Sky Burnt White.  Mario recently announced that their Ink Spot Housewarming Party show on March 17, 2018, will be his last with Sky Burnt White.  Of course this gave us much to talk about, but we also delved into the creative process of Gabe.  Also, we discussed the future of Sky Burnt White including a "yet to be named" EP.  Be sure to follow Sky Burnt White on social media, as well as on the local music scene in and around St. Louis.  You can also follow Gabe and Mario on the inter-webs, and let them know how much you appreciate their work.  

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Songs played in this episode:


When I'm Done

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