Episode 50 - Steve Briere of The Gasoline Gypsies

For this episode of The CEP, Colt and James had the opportunity to chat with Steve Briere who performs on the vocals, bass, and guitar for the band The Gasoline Gypsies.  Rollicking, genre-transcending rock 'n' roll out of the Detroit, Michigan area, The Gasoline Gypsies are four guys who love the craft.  With three part vocal harmonies, as well as driving guitar and bass riffs, their songs are powerful and intense, yet easy to grasp.  With the release of their album "Killin' Time" on July 1st 2017, The Gasoline Gypsies are eager to show the rock community their chops.  We were fortunate enough to have Steve on the show to give us some of the backstory behind this amazing band and what the future holds for The Gasoline Gypsies!  Be sure to follow The Gasoline Gypsies on all the social media's and download their music where all great music can be found! 

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Song's you will hear in this episode:


Intro: Something's Gotta Give


Outro: Norma Jeane

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