CE Playlist 2018: Part 1

We hope you had a great year, I know that we did, but we are looking for bigger and better things to come our way in 2019. So, before we dive into a brand new year, Colt and I wanted to recap the first 12 playlists by featuring all the music in one final playlist for 2018. As always, remember to investigate the artists that you hear on the playlist and give them a like and a follow on the socials. If you really dig what you are hearing then you should definitely share their music to your own page so that your family and friends can enjoy the music as well. Also, go to the artists' websites and buy some merch, hard copies of their music, and anything else you can do to support the great people you find on the playlist. And of course, if you ever have the opportunity to see the artists live, do not miss out. Support indie artists in 2019, people!

Tracks featured on this episode:

Fivefold - Overcome, Killer Me Killer You - Sober, Inner Outlines - It’s Not Safe Here, Acadia - Palisades, Brookroyal - Closer, Isabella - End Game, For the City - Exhale, Altayzie - Odyssey, No Alarms - Right is What’s Left, City of Parks - Pessimist, World's Scariest Police Chases - Mindtrap, The Maness Brothers - Preacher Man, Subways on the Sun - Just to Be With You, Make Room - Starting Over, Current Year - Xanax, Facing Infamy - Black and White, Scrub and Ace Ha - Old Fashion Raps Vol. 1, The Many Colored Death - Drown, Theody - Reticence, Silent Hollow - Lies in Fiction, Scrub and Ace Ha - Old Fashion Raps Vol. 2, Damon Davis featuring Tonina - Light Years, Sky Burnt White featuring Jack Weise - Afterglow, Hounds - Shake Me Up, Youpeopl - Seashine, Courtland Zelle - Spastic,

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