Episode 107 - Ed Koo

For this episode we bring you the mighty Ed Koo.  Ed is a former top level power lifter, he’s the prez at Iron Rebel which provides quality apparel and power gear, he is CEO and Partner at Granite Supplements, and he is a proud dad to a boy who sounds like he is well on his way to becoming an outstanding athlete himself.  We kick off this episode shortly after we already began discussing the youth football leagues around Southern California that Ed’s son participates in and then we lead into topics like training, sports ethics, business and more.  We did have some sound issues throughout the show but don’t let it distract you because it was definitely a great conversation and we really appreciate Ed’s experience and perspective on exercise, business, and life and we know you will too.  Be sure to follow Ed on the socials and check and check out Iron Rebel and Granite Supplements.

James WadeComment