Playlist 11

Please remember how important it is that you seek out these artists and support them in whatever ways that you can.  We do encourage you to find independent artists that you like and buy their merchandise, including hard copies of their cds and tickets to their shows, but there are other things you can do that does not cost you one red cent including giving them a like and a follow on the socials and sharing their music to your own page.  You can also spread the word to people that you know because word of mouth is a great thing.  There are so many great independent artists out there that if you are only looking to the corporate machine to feed you your music, then you are doing life wrong. Don’t do life wrong. You’ve only got one go round at this. Support independent music, people!

Track featured on this episode:

Gray Skys by Bonez Jaxson and Jimmy Biggz

Classic by End World

Off the Wall by Krosst Out

Chasing Nightmares by Jackie June

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