Episode 106 - Dr. Scott Stevenson

For this episode, we bring you Dr. Scott Stevenson.  For any of you who don’t already know, Dr. Stevenson brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the mic.  You can, and should, check out his podcast on the Advices Radio Network.  That show is called Muscle Minds and the Doc is always over there waxing intellectual with the great Mr. Scott McNally. During this episode you will hear us discuss some of the things that Dr. Stevenson has been going through in his personal life, including the death of his father, and how these things are guiding his perspective. Then, we get way into the weeds with discussion on the Self, freewill, and mindfulness. And of course the conversation eventually leads us into bodybuilding and Dr. Stevenson’s book, Be Your Own Bodybuilding Coach.  

James WadeComment