Episode 100 - Fragile Porcelain Mice

For this episode Colt and James have the opportunity to sit with my most favorite St. Louis band of all time, Fragile Porcelain Mice.  Fragile Porcelain Mice left a huge impact on me when I came across one of their sets at the, never forgotten but always remembered, Mississippi Nights, may you truly rest in peace.  Ever since then I always looked up to these guys as true rock stars and it was very awesome to chill out and have a discussion about their music and history.  Plus, they’re just pretty hilarious to talk to. Be sure to download FPM music where all great music can be downloaded, show them some love on the socials, and if you are ever lucky enough to see them perform live, don’t live a life full of regret; go to the show.

Tracks featured on this episode:

Enrichment Support File by Fragile Porcelain Mice

Stale by Fragile Porcelain Mice

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