C.E. Playlist 2

Welcome to this edition of the CE Playlist, where we showcase some of the most talented independent artists on the face of the planet in our efforts to entertain your brain.  Be sure to download the great music that hear on our playlists, visit the bands’ websites and buy some merchandise to support these fantastic artists.  Also be sure to track these bands on the socials, give them a like and a share, and let them know that you heard their tracks on the Cerebral Entertainment Podcast. . If you are an artist and you would like for the world to hear your music on the CEP, you can send us a track to cerebralentertainment@yahoo.com and if we like it, we’ll play it.  All genres and styles are welcome to submit a track so hit us up and let us check out your awesomeness. 

Tracks featured on this episode:

Closer by Brookroyal

End Game by Isabella

Exhale by For the City

Odyssey by Altayzie

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