Episode 41 - 1 Year of Podcasts

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James discuss the ups and downs of 2017, including a recap of the interviews that brought us to a whole new level of podcasting.  We would like to give a big thank you to all those who made 2017 a year of growth for us including:

Steve Hendrixson-Ep. 10, Jeff Huck-Ep. 13, Jordan Massey (RITEHANDROBOT!)-Ep. 14, Greg Camp-Ep. 16, Scott McNally-Ep. 17, Fivefold-Ep. 19, Shane Presley-Ep. 20, Scrub-Ep.21, Brandon Scheriffius-Ep. 24, J.B. Anderson-Ep. 25, Scott Kurtz and Heidy Murphy-Ep. 26, Stephen Ogdon-Ep. 27, Altayzie-Ep. 28, Chris Swan-Ep. 29, Everyone at the Ink Spot Block Party-Ep. 30, James King-Ep. 31, Ace Ha-Ep. 32, Rising Over Envy-Ep. 33, Matt Weik-Ep. 34, Alex Holycross-Ep. 35, Vijay Puri-Ep. 36, Nathan Orton-Ep. 37, Jeremy Stanton-Ep. 38, and J.B. Anderson and Bryant Wolfin-Ep. 39.

And last but not least, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our listeners and supporters, friends and family, and our fantastic sponsor, The Monocle!

Here's to another stellar year in the Podcast Universe!  Be sure to keep your brains warm out there!


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