Episode 31

James joins Colt via Skype from Dallas, Texas, along with our guest James King, for this r-r-r-riveting episode of the CEP.  James King is an avid collector of figurines and he also has a knack for creatively arranging those figurines in action packed poses that look like they are straight out of Hollywood.  You can see these pictures on James' Instagram page, midastouchphotos, and you can purchase them on Etsy.  For this episode we asked James, who is also a rabid podcast listener, to provide some podcasts for us to review, which included Snap Judgment and Monsters Among Us.  You can find these podcasts on iTunes, or you can download them on the Apple Podcast app, just like me.  So sit back, relax, take a whiz outside, and look up!  You may just see some other-worldly crafts hovering above! 

James WadeComment