Episode 30

Colt and James were given a stellar opportunity to podcast at the 8th Annual Ink Spot Block Party in Troy, MO.  The Ink Spot Block Party consisted of some of the finest bands on the planet, who happen to all call the St. Louis area their home, and the show was spec-freakin-tacular.  Not only did Colt and James get to see the bands perform, but we also had the chance to interview The Ink Spot's own Robby Kallery And Big Dave Canoy, as well as some of the guys from Hollow Point Heroes, OATM, Sky Burnt White, City of Parks, and Fivefold.  Speaking of Fivefold, this was their second to last show and their last Ink Spot Block Party as a band, so needless to say emotions ran high.  But, by all standards, they put on a show that was unforgettable.  Now unfortunately we couldn't interview all of the bands, but we had a great time, met some of the greatest people on earth, and we can't wait till next year's Ink Spot Block Party.  We'll see you there and in the meantime, enjoy this episode!

James WadeComment