Episode 28

For this riveting episode of the CEP, Colt and James have the opportunity to sit down with Joey Altese, a.k.a Altayzie.  Altayzie is a St. Louis based hip hop artist who puts more words in one song than we put in an entire podcast; all with massive depth and meaning.  After we hit record, the discussion focused on Altayzie's inspiration and career as he gave us a song-by-song run down of his album, Rainbows.  After that, the conversation covered everything from future projects to the intense dreamworld of Altayzie.  You can, and should, download Altayzie's album Rainbows on Apple Music, and you can also check his music out on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube.  Follow Altayzie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and go see him perform just as soon as you get the chance.  You shan't be disappointed; I promise!  Chickedy check it out!  

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