Episode 27

Colt and James get the long-awaited opportunity to speak with Stephen Ogden, D.O.  Doc Ogden is a doctor of osteopathic medicine, bodybuilder, and co-host of the Clinical Muscle podcast on Advices Radio.  During the show we had the opportunity to dive into the world of healthcare in its current state, as well as where we think, or hope, the healthcare climate is taking us.  We also had the chance to discuss the Clinical Muscle podcast, which you can subscribe to and download on iTunes.  Clinical Muscle, hosted by Doc and Vijay Puri, is a fantastic bodybuilding/health/fitness show that's both informative and highly entertaining.  And as always, our discussion ranges from dogs sinking in the pool to Walmart conspiracies.  Great times were had so....chickedy check it out!   

James WadeComment