Episode 39 - JB Anderson/Bryant Wolfin

For this episode of The CEP Colt and James are joined by returning guest JB Anderson of Gaslight STL and good friend Bryant Wolfin to get a little political on ya! JB was nice enough to invite us to use the recording studio at Gaslight for the 2nd time to talk about several topics that have been all over the news lately.... And by 2nd time, we mean we tried this once before and through technical difficulties we lost the recording. So not only were we lucky enough to do this once, we were lucky enough to be invited back! We had several topics on the agenda however, our very first topic ended up being our only topic because we got so in depth. We all know tax reform has been a hot button issue and we think its time to voice our opinions and let you know the way we see things on both sides of the issue. So buckle up and get ready for the ride!


Special shout out to Gavin McNutt who joined us for the episode that was lost but was unable to join us for this one. You will definitely hear from all these guys again in the future. 

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