Episode 36

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James get the long overdue opportunity to chat, via Skype, with the one and only Vijay Puri. Vijay is 1/2 of Bodybuilding Nerds Radio, as well as 1/2 of Clinical Muscle on The Advices Radio Network.  Along with being a podcast extraordinaire, Vijay is a guitar shredding, bodybuilding, spine adjusting, dog loving, marijuana connoisseur.  During this episode, we get the chance to pick Vijay's brain about his interest in podcasting, his passion for playing the guitar, the beginnings of Bodybuilding Nerds and Clinical Muscle, his career as a chiropractor, and the positive effects that marijuana has on the body that the media won't tell you...Conspiracy!  Check out this episode and be sure to check out Bodybuilding Nerds Radio and The Advices Radio Network on whatever platform you receive your podcasts.  There is so much information and motivation on these shows that you certainly shan't be disappointed!  

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