Episode 32

Since the CEP couldn't go to L.A. we brought L.A. to us (via Skype of course).  In this episode, Colt and James got the long-awaited opportunity to sit and converse with Ace Ha.  Ace Ha, you may have heard of Scrub and Ace Ha, is one of the hardest working producers on the planet.  His collaboration with St. Louis' own, Scrub, is some of the hottest music on the scene and the 2 just keep putting out killer after killer.  During our discussion, we rap about Ace's roots, his music and inspiration, his collab with Scrub and their silent partner, the end of the world, North Korea, and what's in store for Ace's future.  We kick off the show with a couple of Ace's tracks that you can jam to on SoundCloud, just like I did.  And stay tuned to the end of the show to fill your ear holes with Scrub and Ace Ha's latest release, Sneaker Tweaker.  Chickdy check it out!!! 

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