Episode 83 - No Alarms

For this episode we bring you the Detroit area based, No Alarms.  No Alarms describes themselves as blending the lines between modern indie pop and new wave revival, and they have gained a lot of momentum since they released their self-titled debut album earlier this year.  We had a great time discussing the origins of No Alarms, the important message and motivation behind their recent album, and the visual components of their live performance that is sure to knock some socks off.  Be sure to follow No Alarms on the socials, download No Alarms where all great music can be downloaded, buy their merch, and if you ever get the chance to see them live, don’t deny yourself the opportunity.  Support independent music, people!

Track featured on this episode:

Right is What's Left by No Alarms 

Episode 82 - The Send Up on Shaw

For this episode we are bringing you the audio for our live podcast session during The Send Up on Shaw at Gaslight Lounge and Studios in St. Louis, MO.  The Send Up on Shaw was a great day all around with lots of comedy, live music, and of course, live podcasting.  Be sure to check out the video edition of this episode on the Cerebral Entertainment Podcast’s Facebook Page where you will see us navigate the waters of having a surprise guest, specifically our new good friend Mr. Buster Rooney, and we had the chance to sit with another good friend of ours again, Nathan Orton.  We also want to give many thanks to a couple of sponsors that made this episode possible, Exit 6 Pub and Brewery and Shamrocks Pub n Grill.  We hope you have as much fun listening to this episode as we did recording it.

Track featured on this episode:

Outside by Boomtown United

Episode 81 - Brookroyal

For this episode we bring you the St. Louis based band, Brookroyal. Brookroyal reemerged on the scene just not too many months ago with a bill featuring some of the best local bands and artists that you possibly ask for in a show.  Colt and I were both blown away by the energy that Brookroyal brought to the show and that buzz is still resonating in the STL scene to this day.  These guys have taken on a leadership role for the bands in the area and we were really excited to have them on to talk about the genesis of Brookroyal, what the band is looking forward to now, and of course the chicken wings at Frailey’s Southtown Grill and the amazing cookies that Al’s wife sent for our dessert.  Be sure to follow Brookroyal on the socials, purchase their music where all great music can be downloaded, and if you are ever lucky enough to go see them live, be sure to buy the ticket and take the ride.

Track featured on this episode:

Closer by Brookroyal

Episode 80 - John Meadows

For this episode we bring you John Meadows.  John is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder, owner at Mountain Dog Diet and Granite Supplements, as well as husband and father of twins.  During this episode you’ll hear John discuss his roots, the changing landscape of the bodybuilding sport, how he left the chains of the corporate arena to build his own business, and how he manages to stay so busy and yet have plenty of time for the wife and kids.  Be sure to follow John on the social medias.  He is very active on Instagram and he has a ton of free content available to you on YouTube.  Be sure to follow John around and let him inspire you to be a stronger and all around better person.

Track featured on this episode:

The Cycle by Pogo Funk 

Episode 79 - Patrick Blair of Monster Eats Manhattan

For this episode we bring you the very talented Patrick Blair of the St. Louis based band, Monster Eats Manhattan.  Monster Eats Manhattan just made in back to the St. Louis area after spending some time in California to record their latest EP that is set to release very soon.  MEM recently released a single titled Call to Arms, which you can download where all great music can be downloaded, and see the music video on their YouTube page.  MEM also just recently announced the date and location of their EP Listening Party happening on July 14th, 2018 at Tiny Bar, located at 1008 Locust St. in St. Louis.  The EP is titled Cages, the party starts at 7p and goes till 12a, and admission is free but you must be 21 years or older.  Be sure to follow MEM on the socials and definitely take the opportunity to go see them live.  You shan’t be disappointed, I promise.

Track featured on this episode:

Call to Arms by Monster Eats Manhattan 

Episode 78 - Mark Bland

For this episode we bring you Mark Bland.  Mark is a passionately opinionated broadcaster/podcaster personality and he hosts a show called The Q.  Go to theqnow.com to find out where you can subscribe to his show, and follow, The Q hosted by Mark Bland, on Facebook.  You can also follow Mark Bland on the social medias and keep up with all the relevant topics of the day from his perspective.  During this episode we got a glimpse into the kind of discussions that are had on The Q, and some of the topics you might find a little controversial.  As always, the opinions of our guests are not the opinions of the Cerebral Entertainment Podcast.  But, we had a great time with Mark and we think you will have an equally great time listening to this episode.

Track featured on this episode:

Sunny Side Up by Pure October

Episode 77 - StL Music Scene Vol. 1

For this episode we bring you a great group of people who represent a very special cross section of the St. Louis music scene.  Ryan Cheney and Derrick Huskey of Fivefold and more recently, Steeples.  Jorden Coco Murray of Killer Me Killer You, Fivefold, and now sound man extraordinaire at the Firebird, Brandon Barbier of Hollow Point Heroes and now Outrun the Fall, and Jeff and Jennifer Nichols of TenCents Promotions.  We had a great time sharing stories and discussing the magic that is the St. Louis music scene and we are confident that you are going to enjoy listening to this episode, just as much as we enjoyed recording it.  All of these folks are on the move so be sure to follow Steeples, who are preparing to release their new mixtape soon, Outrun the Fall, who have a show coming up on Saturday June 23rd at Pops in Sauget Illinois to show off their new tracks.  When you make it over to The Firebird at 2706 Olive St St. Louis, be sure to peek behind the soundboard and tell Coco you appreciate his hard work at making every show sound like a million bucks.  And you will definitely see Jeff and Jen of TenCents around the scene, supporting local music as well as other worthy causes.  Follow all of these folks on social media and get out there and support local and independent music. 

Tracks featured on this episode:

Drunk in Some Bar by Steeples

Crazy by Outrun the Fall

Episode 76 - Common Jones

For this episode we bring you Steve Williams and Chris Behnen of Common Jones.  Steve and Chris are excited about the Common Jones release party for their upcoming album, Now You Know, being held at Firebird on June 30, 2018.  And when I say they are excited, I mean you can literally feel the energy emanating from these guys.  Common Jones is fresh off of their second Battle for Pointfest title and they are not losing any momentum from that recent win.  If you do not know Common Jones yet, you need to get into the know.  Download their music where all great music can be downloaded, and if you ever get the chance to see them live, do yourselves a favor my friends; buy the ticket and take the ride.

Tracks featured on this episode

Jones Dub by Common Jones

So Bad by Common Jones

Episode 75 - Calvin Tigre

For this episode we present to you, Calvin Tigre.  Calvin is a videographer, a vocalist, a writer, and he is always on the grind.  Tigre currently performs with and manages TigreNolo, as well as Ursa Major, and he also produces and manages Zen Den Presents: which is a DIY live music session YouTube channel.  Be sure to subscribe to Zen Den Presents: on YouTube.  Follow Calvin Tigre, Ursa Major, and TigreNolo on the social medias.  And of course, if you ever have the opportunity to experience Tigre live, be sure to buy the ticket and take the ride. 

Track featured on this episode:

Gold Blooded by Ursa Major

Episode 74 - Monkh of Monkh and the People

For this edition of the CEP we bring you Monkh, of Monkh and the People.  Monkh is fantastic musician, he’s a guitar instructor, he’s a volunteer, and it seems like he’s just an extremely good dude with a big heart.  During this episode you will hear us discuss Monkh's musical talents, his focus on social justice issues, and how spirituality plays a role in his life.  Follow Monkh and Monkh and the People on social media, purchase his music, and go see his shows. Support local and independent artists however and whenever you can.

Track featured on this episode:

With This Love by Monkh and the People

Episode 73 - Kvar Black and Friends

For this episode, we bring you Kvar Black, Timothy Leavy, Chris Cyr, and Johnny Azari.  This group of talent converged at Kvar’s house for his EP release party, providing comedy and music to support the release of “Here Ya Go, Buffalo”.  Follow Kvar on social media, get in touch with him to find out how you can obtain his very unique brand of music, and of course, if you ever have a chance to go see him live; buy the ticket and take the ride.  If you enjoy music like we do, then get out and support local and indie music however you can.  See a show, buy a shirt, download an album, and spread the word.

Now, there is a disclaimer for this edition of the CEP: the conversation gets quite explicit which by my definition, usually means quite funny.  Just be aware that if you are easily offended, this episode is probably going to offend you.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED (in my deep and scary voice). 

Track featured on this episode:

Buffalo by Kvar Black

Episode 72 - Andre Cataldo of Dear Genre

For this episode we bring you Andre Cataldo of Dear Genre.  Andre is a very talented and humble guy who is on the scene and taking advantage of all the opportunities that the cosmos has afforded him.  During this episode you’re going to hear us discuss Andre’s recovery, his heritage, his love for music, and what inspires him to just be himself and take on the music scene by storm.  Keep in mind that all of this discussion was had while we may or may not have been visited by other worldly spirits.  Be sure to follow Dear Genre on the social medias and download his music where all great music can be downloaded.  And of course, if you ever get the opportunity to see Dear Genre live, do yourself a favor; buy the ticket, take the ride. 

Track featured on this episode:

Bonsai Tree by Dear Genre

Episode 71 - Anything But Credible Podcast

For this episode, we bring you Duggs and Killa K from the Anything But Credible Podcast.  During this episode we discuss riveting topics that will surely enhance your life and make you a better person for listening including; the groundbreaking innovation surrounding ketchup slices, the concept of Mayo-Tard, cheesy movies and why they are so important to our way of life, the divisive line that separates those who use loofahs and those who don’t, conspiracy theories, and we even talked about podcasting.  Be sure to subscribe to the Anything But Credible Podcast where all great podcasts can be downloaded and follow these guys on social media.

Track featured on this episode:

Business Mind by The 12 to 6 Movement

Episode 70 - Max Price

For this episode we bring you Max Price.  Max is a stand up comedian, House Emcee and Showcase Producer at the Funny Bone St. Louis, and he is one of those guys that just works his ass off to promote the great things happening in the city of the Lou.  During the episode we discuss Max’s work as an event producer and it sounds like a lot of work, as well as his mission to support all the local talent around town, his involvement in Kevin Hart’s “Hart of the City” at the Duck Room at Blueberry Hill, we talk about his style of comedy, the science behind comedy writing, and more.  Be sure to follow Max Price on social media and definitely don’t pass up the opportunity to go see him perform live.

Track featured on this episode:

Unconditional by The Many Colored Death

Episode 69 - Brian King of Titan Nutrition

For this episode we bring you Brian King of Titan Nutrition.  Titan Nutrition is a supplement company based in Springfield, MO.  Their mission is to produce the most innovative and quality supplements so their customers can get the results they work hard for.  During this episode you’ll hear Brian discuss the beginnings of Titan Nutrition, including the whys and the hows things got off the ground.  You’ll also hear us discuss some of the Titan Nutrition athletes that use and promote the company, including our friend Shannon Seeley.  And of course, Brian takes us on a little tour of the available products offered by Titan and discusses just some of the many benefits that these supplements have in store for the partaker.  Be sure to follow Titan Nutrition on social media and check out their website at titannutrition.net for all your supplement needs. 

Track featured on this episode:

Victim (In My Hand) by Echos From Ashes

Episode 68 - Chris Cyr

For this episode we bring you the very funny Chris Cyr.  Chris is a stand-up comic.  He’s a radio host.  He’s a podcaster.  He’s a business analyst, but most importantly, he’s hilarious and had us rolling both during the recording and again during the editing of this podcast.  During this episode you’re going to hear us discuss crypto currencies, The Silk Road, amphetamines and Starbuck’s coffee, Millennials and why past generations were just as fucked up (if not more) than what they are now, as well as Tide Pods and condom snorting.  Be sure to follow Chris on the social medias and download his podcast, Impolite Company, where all great podcasts can be downloaded.  And once again, see Chris live at The Send Up on Shaw event on June 2nd. 

Track played for this episode:

Bliss by Tree One Four

Episode 67 - Matt F. Basler

For this episode, Colt and James present to you, Matt F. Basler.  He's a screen printer, he's a musician, he's a podcaster, and he played the song Smooth, live, 12 times in a row.  Matt enjoys collecting stickers but has commitment issues which causes him not to place the stickers on any worthy surface and hence, completely negating the purpose of said stickers (I share this lack of sticker commitment).  During this episode, we talk about all of these topics, as well as why the hell EP and LP albums are a thing, and how technology has changed the way artists approach their respective, prospective audiences.  Be sure to follow Matt Basler on social media, but only if you want to be highly entertained by video clips that are nothing short of AWESOME!  Also, subscribe to the Matt F. Basler podcast where all great podcasts can be downloaded.  

Track played for this episode:

Flatline by Todd Sarvies

Episode 66 - Scott Kurtz of Kurtzhaus Brewing

For this episode we bring you the one and only, Scott Kurtz of Kurtzhaus Brewing.  Scott is an award winning home brewer.  He’s a BJCP Certified Beer Judge, a tech writer, an amateur beer journalist, he blogs for Saint Brewis, and he is an all-around great guy.  During this episode we discuss a lot of what Scott has been up to with his award winning brews, as well as how important bees are to the Mead industry.  Scott is an absolute scientist when it comes to brewing beer and mead, and we need you, the CEP listener, to encourage Scott to take his craft to the next level.  Get in touch with Scott on social media and let him know that the world needs to experience his craft on a larger scale.  Colt and I were blessed with the opportunity to sample some of Scott’s magnificent Kurtzhaus brews during the recording of this episode and I promise, if given the chance to sample for yourselves, you shan’t be disappointed.  Follow Scott on social media and let him know that the CEP sent you his way.

Track featured on this episode:

H.O.P.E. by Chris Swan of Soul Motivation Records 

Episode 65 - Tom Halaska

For this episode Colt and James headed to our beloved Emerald Room to meet up with our good friend, Tom Halaska.  You may see Tom serving and mixing drinks at The Monocle, or you may see him practicing yoga amongst a heard of baby goats.  During our discussion we talk about The Monocle and Baby Goat Yoga, as well as Tom’s mission to bring non-alcoholic craft beer into every corner of the St. Louis area, and beyond.  During the episode, Colt and James were afforded the opportunity to sample some WellBeing Brew, specifically the Hellraiser Dark Amber, and I gotta tell ya, it was pretty freaking good.  Tom has a magnificent story to tell about why WellBeing is a great idea for any consumer of craft beer, on any given night of drinking.  It was great to have the extremely hard working and very humorous Tom Halaska on this episode of the CEP.  Be sure to follow him and Wellbeing on social media and show Tom some of that CEP love when you see him out around the St. Louis area.

Track featured on this episode:

No Good by Ashland

Episode 64 - Krosst Out

For this episode of the CEP, Colt and James stir shit up with Canadian Punk Rocker/Rapper, Krosst Out.  Krosst Out joined us on the line, all the way from Ontario, to discuss topics including his background in music and initial influences.  We also went down other rabbit holes such as the current state of hip hop, some of the insane policies happening on both sides of the border, and what the future holds for our new friend, Krosst Out.  Be sure to follow Krosst Out on social media and check out his latest video release, The Death of Me.  Also be sure to download Krosst Out music where all great music can be downloaded and if you ever get a chance to see him live, definitely buy the ticket!  Support independent music wherever and whenever you can, people!

Track played on this episode:

The Death of Me by Krosst Out